December 6, 1991 Interview – 7

December 6, 1991 Interview – 7

August 11, 2018 – I spent a few days at Woodmont, Connecticut this week. So many memories/stories. I will get to them later. My visit there made me want to go back to my Blog and write more of my stories. In going through my notes, I found this essay of an interview with my nephew Evan and […]

WW2  Years    6

WW2 Years 6

I keep thinking of all that happened during 1926-1967; and get bogged down on how to tell it all. Davis Street School years: Elementary school (kindergarten through 6) Sheridan Jr High years: Jr High (7,8,9) Hillhouse High School: (10,11,12) WW2 Think about it—I never had a high school graduation celebration, or a high school prom. […]

Lorraine 5

Lorraine 5

I lost My Sweet Lorraine September 2, 2017. Lorraine —my friend Lorraine—-my sister Lorraine—-my confidant (I mention My cousin Lorraine in my Davis Street School Blog) My thoughts of Lorraine: Living together, so many summers, in a “cottage in Woodmont” Fun summers in Woodmont Sloppy Joe’s steak sandwiches Chocolate soda with milk—“please add more milk; […]

Sunday    4

Sunday 4

Sunday – so many “Sunday stories” to tell———– My Dad was in the automobile business before WW11. He owned 3 or 4 of the major gas and car service stations in New Haven, CT. I went back to New Haven a few years ago and did research on the sites of his service stations; it […]

Glanz-Family–Memories  3

Glanz-Family–Memories 3

I have not heard back from the principal at Davis Street School. I plan to visit Davis this September. I will keep you posted. My years at Davis were wonderful. (Kindergarten through 6th grade: 1931-37). My life was so protected. Little did I realize that The Wall Street Crash of 1929 was the onset of […]

Davis Street School 2

Davis Street School 2

My years at Davis were great. Here are some of the things that I remember: There was a big hickory nut tree just outside of the “side door” entrance to the school. We would collect the nuts in the fall when they fell on the ground and put them in brown paper bags. As they […]

The Beginning  1

The Beginning 1

So many thoughts and memories—————–I feel, that, if I don’t get them to “paper” now, they will all be lost. So, I start my Blog. God knows I’m not very good at writing a story: But, telling a story, I’m good. I just needed to get started. I don’t know of anyone’s interest in this […]