I lost My Sweet Lorraine September 2, 2017.

Lorraine —my friend
Lorraine—-my sister
Lorraine—-my confidant

(I mention My cousin Lorraine in my Davis Street School Blog)

My thoughts of Lorraine:

Living together, so many summers, in a “cottage in Woodmont”
Fun summers in Woodmont
Sloppy Joe’s steak sandwiches
Chocolate soda with milk—“please add more milk; please add more chocolate” (to make it last longer)
Stealing chunks of ice from the ice man’s ice truck
Running away from taking care of Betsy
Visiting “the boys” in the beach rooming house
The “crippled children’s” home with the slide
Going out in row boats at night in very rough waters, with the boys, and not telling our parents, as this was forbidden.
Dancing to the Juke-Box music in our bathing suits in the back room of the soda store
Block parties and dances at Anchor Beach
Bicycle riding to Anchor Beach
Anchor Beach on a Saturday afternoon, waiting for someone to ask us out for Saturday night
“Bagel Beach”—sunning and swimming all day (you were always a much better swimmer than I)
Your covering for me when I would sneak out of the house to meet a boy at night
Exchanging intimate secrets—never to be told or repeated
Lying to each other
Sleeping together during the summer, and weekends during the school year
Going to camp together
Supporting each other at camp
Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz movie
Frank Sinatra
I was always a much better dancer than you
Always getting sick together
Your awful cough
You ate too much
I didn’t eat enough and complained
Letting me be the Leader
Parties in your basement Rec Room
Birthdays and Holidays together
I don’t remember ever being jealous of each other
I was the better athlete
You were better at math
I was often bossy and grumpy (sourpuss)
You were generally sweet and giving
Saturday at the movie——–
Nettie, my Mom; and Raye, your Mom; would drop us off at the movie house every Saturday. Leave us with the Movie Matron:
and leave us there until the day performances ended. About 5/6pm. Then we would leave, go to the back of the 5 and 10 store (Woolworth’s) and wait for them to pick us up. They had been out all day—lunch, then a Bridge card game or MahJong. Possibly shopping if they could fit it in.
The funny dances that we did together to entertain our parents on Sundays. Your Mom playing the piano and Frank (your Dad) singing: “A Shany An Old Shany Town”. Such great fun and family times together
Doing homework together
On the telephone
You always said that i was much braver than you and more willing to take a chance
I always felt that I needed to take care of you—my baby sister
Never apart if we could help it

THEN WW2——————you were 14; I was 15.
Oh, how life changed.
More about Lorraine and Joy another time