I have not heard back from the principal at Davis Street School. I plan to visit Davis this September. I will keep you posted.

My years at Davis were wonderful. (Kindergarten through 6th grade: 1931-37).
My life was so protected. Little did I realize that The Wall Street Crash of 1929 was the onset of a decade-long depression. I had everything that I needed or wanted. Our house was the gathering place for family. Somehow, we did not seem to be effected by the “crash”. My father had not invested in the Stock Market. He depended upon his business to make-a-living.

Loving, kind, generous parents; a beautiful home, good friends, family. Parties, activities, and adventures. Always feeling safe. During the school week, I walked everywhere in the neighborhood; or rode my bike when I wanted to go further. Never once did I feel scared or unsafe. We went to school; came home; changed our clothes, and then friends gathered to play until it got dark—or the street lights came on. More about this later.

Sunday was such a special day—-
If I woke up to the smell of Brisket cooking I knew that we were having company. Usually my father’s family from Brooklyn, NY. Aunt Gus/Uncle Sam,-and Marvin; Aunt Sally/Uncle Lou,-and Ruth and Morty; Aunt Betty,-and Muriel. Marvin/Ruth-older than I; Muriel and Morty, younger. Our house was full of kids noise and playing. At that time, I was still an only child and loved the companionship of my cousins. Marvin always protected and took care of me. Muriel and Ruth so pretty. Morty somehow always knew how to fit in with what the girls wanted to do.

The Brooklyn family always brought wonderful pastry and cake. Sometimes NY Deli and soda.
My Mother never allowed deli or soda in the house except on these special occasions. She said it was unhealthy. “How did she know?”

These Sundays were about Family, Food and Love. Families did that then. Those who “had” took care of those that “did not have”. Believe me, the wheel went round. They were always there for each other. I am greatful that this relationship and caring continues in our family. Kids usually behave in their adult life, as they have seen in their childhood.

On other Sundays; Mom, Daddy and I got in the car and drove to Hartford or Windsor, CT. My Uncles, Lou and Benny, lived there with their families. Lou/Mary–Irwin and Merwin; Benny/Ida—-Sybil and Mark. My time with the CT family was different for the NY group. Cousins and family interested in politics/business. Adult conversations. Too many boys there; however, I was treated like the “Princess” that my father created. My dad was always so happy to be with his brothers. They were close and when Uncle Lou died of cancer, he was devastated. I remember there was a time when Uncle Benny lived with us and he used to call me “Monkey Glanz”–affectionately. My dad and Uncle Lou were in business together (and probably Uncle Ben) at one time. Again—always there to help each other.

Through Facebook I have reconnected with the Hartford/Windsor, CT family. My hope is that we can arrange to get together this Fall. One of the grand cousins is named after my father. Joseph Glanz.

More SUNDAY stories to follow.